Fantasy - Fragment


As you meet their empty gaze...
As you meet their empty gaze...

You see a figure approaching from the distance, a strong aura of mystery hanging over them. As they draw nearer, you find yourself in awe of the stranger’s remarkably androgynous and striking appearance. Sharp features accent a heart-shaped face, framed by feather-soft locks. A tall, slim figure carries their weight with dignity. A weasel follows closely at their heels, seemingly watching you with an unwavering gaze.

You come out of your reverie as the figure stops before you, and you suddenly realize their face is covered by a flawless, alabaster mask, adorned solely with feathers so pale that they blend into the owner’s hair. As you open your mouth to speak, you find yourself too unnerved to make more than a faint squeak. The figure responds by reaching up to remove the mask slowly.

As you meet their empty gaze, your world explodes in searing heat and pain. Within seconds, you close your eyes and know no more.

– Character Introduction for The Heart of Terror

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