Fiction - Fragment


“That’s kind of what I was afraid might have happened with me for you,” he admitted, “but now I’m just hoping I can help heal it.” He refused to meet my gaze.
I frowned, perplexed by his statement. “You were afraid you’d stop loving me, or I would stop loving you?”
“That you’d stop loving me,” he replied. “That I’d caused you too much pain. That-“ He paused, closing his eyes for a long moment, and sighed. “That loving me wouldn’t be worth it anymore.”
I searched his face as I considered my response, trying to read the emotions playing through his clear eyes. Finally, I told him, “It hurt, because I love you.” He looked surprised at this revelation. My words gained intensity as I continued, “Because I watched you with someone else. Because I didnt say anything. Because I love you, so I want you to be happy.” I was holding back tears when I’d finished.

– Excerpt from Beautiful Bitch


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