Fiction - Fragment


Another year had passed, uneventful.  He’d worked odd jobs off and on at the construction site, had barely kept up with his rent, and had paid the childcare bills every month, just so that lazy bitch his son called “mother” could waste it on herself. Now here he stood outside the ferry terminal, striking a match to light his last cigarette, as he waited on the last ferry of the evening. He inhaled deeply and dropped the used match onto the pavement, watching it extinguish itself out in the growing dusk. He exhaled a ring of smoke and drew his leather jacket tighter around himself.

He counted back the days in his head; had it really been a whole year? He grew anxious as the lights of the ferry drew up from the distance. He dropped the butt of the cigarette onto the pavement and stamped it out with the toe of his boot, watching the ferry dock. Passengers soon began to disembark and he scanned the faces.

A stern-looking woman and blonde-haired boy of five-years approached him. He lurched forward, and the boy rushed to jump into his awaiting arms. The woman said nothing. She unceremoniously dropped the boy’s bags, nodded coolly, and lit a cigarette as she headed for an awaiting taxi cab. The man would’ve cursed her indifference, but was far too preoccupied to notice due to the heart-warming affections of the reacquainting with his son.

Father_and_Son_by_DJKrueger EDIT


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