Manuscript - Excerpt

Under-Medicated – Scene ? – Excerpt I


Megan Somerville –
19, university drop-out, works from home writing for small-time magazine

Lynn Taylor –
20, high-school drop-out, heavy partier, recently found out she’s pregnant

Jacob Lens –
21, Lynn’s boyfriend, Megan’s best friend (never enters scene but mentioned often)


Megan’s apartment –
shared with one room-mate, who is not present during this scene. The apartment is kept compulsively cleaned and dusted, no excess clutter anywhere. The front door opens into the main room, set with seating area and a kitchenette to one side.

—– —– —– —– —–

[Scene opens on Megan’s apartment. Megan is in the midst of (cleaning/laundry) when there is a knock at the door and Lynn lets herself in. Lynn appears to be upset.]

It read positive. I took the test, and it’s positive.

What’s positive?

(rummaging through her purse)
It was negative last month. Now it’s positive. (finds what she’s looking for – holds out a home pregnancy test to show Megan)

You and Jacob..?

I think so. Maybe. I don’t know.

How can you not know?

Do you think I should tell Jacob? Or should I go see a doctor on my own? I hate doctors, you know. They always underestimate how serious things are, and treat me as inept. I’m not inept. I’m having a baby.

Who else would there be?

(stops to look at Megan, realizing what she’s said) You know. There’s been people.

Jacob doesn’t know?

Jacob doesn’t know. You won’t tell him, right?

(goes to set a kettle to boil) Do you want anything? We have coffee, tea, milk–

I’d much rather go for some brandy. Wait, is that allowed anymore? I’m pregnant now. Can I still drink? Or smoke?

No. (rummaging in kitchen) There’s leftover pie, too. I’ll get some for you.

I never had a mother – grandmother raised me as long as I can remember. How will I know how to be a mother? What if my baby is horrendously ugly when it’s born, I won’t be able to love it then, will I? Babies are supposed to be cute. I imagine mine won’t be. I’m having a baby – what am I supposed to do?

(bringing in a tray of tea and pie) You have to tell Jacob.

But- (gets handed a plate) Thank you.

How far along are you?

(through bites) Maybe two months. This is really good, did you make it?

– – – – –

One thought on “Under-Medicated – Scene ? – Excerpt I

  1. Mmm, Sarz, it’s cool, but…

    i think the characters should be a little more different. like, they speak the same language, and when writing a play or screen play, it is essential to give characters their own vocabulary.

    and don’t worry–you can infer some things. you can just say, “it came out positive.” the next dialogue reveals exactly what the audience needs to know.

    we just had a playwrite as a guest speaker in a class of mine, and he made a good point. in playwriting, dialogue only has to reveal 10% of the real story. it’s like an iceberg–the other 90% is subtext.

    i would suggest…reading archibald macleish’s J.B. awesome play, and it would help show you what i mean about characters really specifically having their own self.

    remeg is sort of shaky for that right now–i think we should work a lil more on planning, even though i am guilty of making a whole bunch of cinematic posts. *snorry*

    keep it up–as a reader, i want to know more. good job.



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