Well… shit. :(

Five businesses affected by blaze at corner of Main and Broadway, intersection of two main arterial routes through city

“Firefighters are facing hours of work trying to quell the stubborn remnants of a fire that has destroyed or damaged five stores or restaurants at Vancouver’s crucial Main and Broadway intersection.

The blaze broke out just before 4 a.m. (PST) on the southwest corner of the intersection, which is southeast of central Vancouver, and 10 blocks south of the Olympic village in the city’s venerable Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

The Kishu sushi restaurant is gone as is a funky diner called Slickety Jim’s and an accounting office. A popular cafe called Lugz appears all but destroyed.

Mike Zalman, owner of the Slickety Jim’s diner that has been on the scene for a dozen years, looked at the ruins of his business from a coffee shop, struggling for words. Asked what he would do now, he simply said: “Cry.”

Responding to a cellphone call as he sat at a window seat, he said “it’s all gone.”

[Full Article]


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