Why Haute Couture Belongs on the Catwalk

– By S.Megan Porter, 10 Dec 2009

Last year, Stefani Germanotta, better known under her stage name Lady Gaga, rocked the world with her debut album, The Fame, selling over four million copies with five chart-toping singles.
This year, it was set to be re-released, but due to conflicting visions between singer and producing company instead became a sliced double CD under the title The Fame: Monster, featuring both new and re-released tracks and highlighting her new hit single Bad Romance.

The hit music video has been often viewed as a product placement fest, and a tribune to the 2010 Alexander McQueen fashions. With its wide display of crazy fashions, strange conceptual set design, erratic choreography, and Lady Gaga simply being her Gaga self, one question remains: what the heck is the plot any way?

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Lady Gaga explained her original vision: ”There’s this one shot in the video where I get kidnapped by supermodels. I’m washing away my sins and they shove vodka down my throat to drug me up before they sell me off to the Russian mafia.”

Riiiiiight. So, the general premises is that Gaga is being dolled up and auctioned off to the Roman-gladiator-influenced Russian mafia as a sex toy, but ends up killing him instead because she’s insane – but we knew that already.

The video is also a blatant product placement within itself, endorsing at least a dozen products. Gaga has been known to use product endorsement in her past videos, but never so many at once. The most noticeable products are, but not limited to, the following:

  • iPod
  • Parrot by Phillip Starck (speakers)
  • Nemiroff vodka
  • Heartbeats by Lady Gaga (headphones – via the Beats by Dr.Dre brand)
  • HP Envy ‘Beats Limited Edition’ by Monster (laptop)
  • Nintendo Wii controller
  • Burberry trenchcoat
  • Carerra ‘Safari’ sunglasses in white
  • Many outfits / shoes from Alexander McQueen’s 2010 spring fashion line

Gaga has often sported many of McQueen’s imaginative styles in and out of her performances, appearing as though she walked them straight off the catwalk and onto the red carpet, adding to her ever stand-out image.

Gaga’s always been known for her daring and outlandish sense of fashion, sporting some of the most memorable outfits when making any appearance. In her video she seemed to have been able to cram all of that imagination into five minutes, dawning everything possible, seemingly from the very set decorations themselves, down to absolutely nothing halfway through.

When asked for my personal opinion of what this video was like, I replied: “Like Gaga ripped haute couture off the catwalk, tried to teach it the robot, realized it was epileptic, threw it in an asylum, and is attempting to pass it off as a beauty spa.”

This video teaches us:

  • Lady Gaga is apparently worth 1 million rubles (russian currency) – however, that’s only 34,300$ CAN / 32,600$ USD. My school tuition costs more.
  • Lady Gaga was able to keep herself fully covered in this video, at times using only a bearskin rug and something resembling a lampshade.
  • Lady Gaga likely made more money from product endorsement alone than you will ever make in a lifetime.
  • McQueen’s heels are ridiculously tall – 10″ to be exact.
  • Lady Gaga should never be allowed to open her own spa.
  • There’s a good reason Haute Couture never left the catwalk – leave it alone, Gaga!


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