A Year Of Lessons – (Summary of 2009)

A Summary of my 2009 and the lessons learned, crammed down into about a minute read. Enjoy!

  • Free MMOs are addicting.
  • Nobody cares about mimes.
  • The Whitehorse transit sucks balls.
  • Angelina Jolie is over-rated.
  • Working at WalMart is lame.
  • Fake Facebook relationships are, in fact, hilarious given the right reactions from friends (OMG,WTF,NOWAII,BBQ!)
  • Only drugs or alcohol can explain my friends; however nothing can explain Adam – he’s just friggin’ special.
  • I can’t even concentrate long enough to– oo look, a butterfly!
  • Life would be so much better without pants.
  • I’m a Summer.
  • I secretly can actually sing and dance.
  • I talk like a mothafuckin’ gangsta’, yo.
  • For a town I hate, I spend way too many vacations in the horse.
  • We should really stop referring to it as “the horse”, because it sounds like a really bad innuendo.
  • Katie posts her whole freaking life on Facebook updates.
  • Death Vader plays a mean violin.
  • When in doubt the answer is always Luke Skywalker.
  • Sleep is for the weak. Just like pants.
  • Every time I sneeze somewhere in the world a chihuahua blinks out of existence.
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are fucking genius.
  • Killing Taryn’s bard is only worth 250 exp — but still totally worth it.
  • ‘Fluorescent’ is an adjective, a verb, a noun, and a color, and has risen to God-like proportions.
  • Lady Gaga needs a proper working English vocabulary.
  • Pokemon is now considered retro, and thus amazing; in contrast the Backstreet Boys will forever still be lame.


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