30 Day Challenge

Day 01

– A picture of yourself with ten facts

1) I have a severe phobia of heights, and become petrified everytime I’m required to be elevated further than two feet off the ground.

2) My sister and I aren’t actually related, we adopted each other mid-highschool. However, I’m named godmother and legal guardian to her daughter, so as far as I’m concerned they’re my sister and niece. I get pissed off if anyone tries to tell me otherwise.

3) I have dancer’s feet. I walk toe-heel, not heel-toe like normal people.

4) I love to bake, but I don’t eat baked goods.

5) I was once engaged, and I don’t have any problem admitting that I still love him more than anyone.

6) At 15, I attempted suicide and was saved by my now-ex. Since then, I have directly helped prevent at least three other suicides. We are all connected.

7) I love to sing, dance, and act. I sing in the shower and dance in front of the mirror when no one’s watching.

8) I dream of Hollywood.

9) I am not ashamed to admit that I am bipolar, with sever manic attacks occuring often. I can’t remember what it was like to have a brain working properly. It’s just a part of who I am now.

10) I am slightly OCD – everything must be double-checked, and everything must be counted in increments of 2, preferably equalling up to a multiplication of 10.


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