Three overplayed songs I love anyway

Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Her re-released album, Monster, could sit on repeat all day and I never got tired of it. Club mixes are the best to dance to.

Love Story by Taylor Swift

I listened to this when I was in-between relationships and ran off for a vacation on the beach in Florida. I like to believe that real life can have fairytale endings – for better or worse. I'm still looking for mine.

Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru

This is one only real gamers (or j-pop addicts) will remember being extremely popular when it was translated to english and made the theme song to the Kingdom Hearts games. When they first came out, I was still willing to believe in soulmates reaching across time and space… I've lost that person since then, but I still like to keep believing we'll find each other in another lifetime.

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