I Learned the Hard Way

A Lesson about Love

and how can you mend a broken heart

Someone once told me, "Plan around the places, not the people". It meant: make your future based on where you want to be and what you want to do; because people are fickle and can change without warning.

I met Him at the beginning of high school when he was dated my now ex-friend. She was excited to let me meet her boyfriend, and he seemed like a sweet guy. Within that year, they had split up and he was hearbroken. I said to him, "If you need a friend, or just a should to cry on, I'm here." He was grateful, and over time we became best of friends. The type of friend that knows you better than you know yourself,and vice-versa; we could finish each other's thoughts and sentences.

We fell in love under a sunset on the beach.

When I started school in a different city (I switched to a private school to receive a more advanced education), he started dating this girl; she was a druggie, anorexic, self-destructive cutter, and going nowhere in life. She was a royal bitch to me, but played nice in front of him, as she worked to drive us apart – he did nothing to avoid it.

A year later, he wised up and dumped her; again, I told him "If you need a friend, I'm here". We were call each other every single day for a few months; then the calls stopped. He had started dating another girl who wanted me gone; she was a pathological liar, which he didn't realize until two years later when they broke up. This time, I told him "If you need a friend, I'm here for you; but this is the last chance."

Over the next long while, we started getting to know each other again, and finding little had changed; I still knew him better than anyone ever would. During the summer, I was working as a cashier and he was helping his dad in their auto shop. During a break for both of us, I came up and asked him very seriously "Will you marry me?" "Yes."

We were both finishing university in seperate parts of the country. But he promised that when he graduated that year, he would move across country for me. About a year later, he had grown distant and I found out through his sister that he no longer intended to be with me – but that he wasn't man enough to tell me himself.

Almost a year later, I'm learning to move on. I've come to understand that you don't need a man (or woman) to be complete – because no one is a half, they are a whole person all themselves. I've come to depend on myself, because only hard work will get me anywhere in life.

I hope others can understand and learn this lesson, without having to go through the same heartbreak that I did.

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