On Being in the Spotlight

from the view of a Drama Queen

Get it Straight.

I've been asked before why I love being on stage. My answer is plain: I feel most alive when I'm pretending to be someone I'm not.

I adore creating art, in every endeavour. It's why I became a model, and it's why I trained at a theatre school in high school to now working in the theatre in university. I love every aspect that comes together to make a production, I love putting on a piece of art for all to see, and I love touching the lives of people I'll never meet.

Having tried my hand in all the technical aspects, you come to realize just how much more there is to theatre than the actors on stage. Someone had to make that stage, someone had to design and make those costumes, someone had to program the lighting, someone had to record the sound effects, someone had to train the technicians, the ushers, the actors, the designers, etc.

Without actors, there is no play. However, without managers there is no play; without lighting there is no play; without costume there is no play; without the set there is no play; etc.

Without the audience, there is no play.

Everyone is equally important, no matter if they worked one month on it or one night. Whether they had to memorize lines, or block them. It is an orchestra of people working to make the play come to life.

That is why I love the theatre.

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