Technology's Impact on Families

Welcome to the Age of Technology

skype birthday

When I was a child, there was no such thing as skype, facebook, myspace, nexopia, eharmony, etc. Social networking sites hadn't come around, and dating sites were scarce. The only gaming system in existance was the Super Nintendo, phones were on looped chords, cell phones looked like bricks, the internet was a shared phone jack line, and floppy discs hadn't even been invented yet – we used those big block discs that stored 1GB/lb it weighed.

Now, my university professors connect with students over facebook, my relatives use skype instead of telephones, and my mom would rather spend the ten minutes texting what would easily be a thirty second phone call. I talk to my family maybe once a month, all because I don't care to text and find no logical reason to download skype.

Our children are growing up dumber each generation – and I'm sorry if you think your child is perfect and a genius. Every parent does – that doesn't change the fact your child may well be an idiot. Parents are busy, so what do we do? We sit our children in front of the TV, they plug themsleves into their ipods instead of interacting with other human beings, they'd rather txt message than see someone in person, most don't know the first thing about cooking because they have microwave ovens, and Facebook has become a noun, adjective and verb.

Technology advances to make things more 'covenient' for people – the reality is technology is for LAZY people. Yes, I'm typing this on a computer. Yes, it's much lazier than going out to shout in public. However, considering the majority of the world is plugged in constantly, I'm bound to get much more attention here than I ever would running naked through the streets.

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