I Grew Up, and I'm Still Growing

When I was able to let go of the past.

When you're in the young adult stage, every year makes an enormous difference on your experiences and maturity level. Constantly looking back, every year I realize the progress I've made in leaps and bounds.

Through the bad, life appeared to slow to a crawl; through the good, the days never lasted long enough. All together, I realize time is never slowing down – so I make the most of everything, and never allow myself to regret the opportunities or people lost.

However, you never cease to grow so long as you live. Each day brings new experiences, and with it we continue to learn and evolve. Mistakes teach us against poor decisions, good tidings encourage us to keep trying, and the only way to achieve anything is through hard work – nothing comes on a silver platter.

I revere every day and every one I meet as blessings. New life brings me tears of joy. The past can't be changed, but the present continues to effect the future. Every decision we make may thoroughly change the future to come. Every death should not be mourned as a loss, but blessed for the impact made on the living.

Once I realized all this, I found I had grown-up.

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