My Nicknames

Mere/Mera – the pet name my mom calls me ^__^;;

Neko/Chii – the nickname known from the beginning of high school; my friends and I were (and still are) huge anime fans – we sketched out our own manga comic strips, and turned ourselves into characters. Rihanna became Kitsune Rika, Maria became Usagi Kate, and I became Neko Chii. Few people otherwise would remember this name for me.

Sarz / Sarzy – used by those who were quite close to me in mid high school. Only two people remember it, and still use it today.

Maggie – A nickname given to me by my buddies in Iowa. This nickname was reachd by continually altering my real name until they found something unique. Sarah-Megan > Megan > Megs >Mags > Maggie

Misty (Misty Anna) – the self-appointed name I used as an online alias since I was 12; many people still know me only under this name – I now use it as my official Model name.

Viper – the name I used on the streets once I began attending private school; most people on the streets look down with contempt or anger to those who are 'better off' – I avoided making any direct connections to the people or places related to my school when off campus.

Synren – my first online gaming alias (also my first D&D character)

Keth (Kethara) – the alias I began using for online gaming when I started playing Perfect World; I became close to those I was in guild with, and even those I know for real generally call me by that name face-to-face

Kitten – the pet name given to me by my bff (evolved from the Neko nickname)

Fish – the pet name my boyfriend calls me (when I pout, I puff out my cheeks and he says I look like a puffer fish); I find it rather cute ^__^;;

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