I’m just a Girl on the Go

In just one day, I covered 2.5k km (1.5mi) across the west coast of North America.

I had told most of you that I was going to stop into Las Vegas for a week, helping out a friend with buying property (property that was repossessed by the government for failure to pay taxes, and sold off really cheap as all the government wants is their tax money) cheap so he can resell at high price and make good money off of it, with the intention of teaching me how to get into the business of doing such.

However, with my ‘ordeal’ at customs and my airlines, I found I couldn’t enjoy myself in the least in the ‘city that never sleeps’. The bright neon lights, and swollen traffic, and throngs of people just made me feel claustrophobic and anxious. I booked an immediately flight out to San Diego, but not before going to see the Hoover Dam.

For those of you whom are still wondering what exactly happened to me at customs… I’ve been warned against posting online about what happened, but everything I’ll say is the ABSOLUTE truth without any embellishment at all, I swear by the Goddess. I will make a post all on its own for this soon.

Since getting to San Diego, I’ve calmed down immensely. I’ve been able to hang out with Sami and her 1yr-old Jason, chasing after him every time he decides to steal my mouse and throw it in the bathtub — perhaps its a good thing I forgot to bring my 80$ gaming mouse.

Our days are mostly spent playing League, with random outbursts from Shubble as he yells at his noob ranked teammates, and I just tell hm, “Support better!”


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