The First Day!

So, last night was my first night in the new condo! I was able to claim my keys August 30, but I didn’t officially start moving in until yesterday — thanks to my dad and my boyfriend, Tim, we were able to completely move all of my furniture in one day (yikes!). Tim and I spent the afternoon shopping for odds and ends I would need around the house, which continued over today — I seem to be too scatter-brained to follow lists of any sort, ha!

Yesterday, Dodd’s furniture store delivered and assembled my bedroom set (storage bed, chest of drawers, and two bedside tables), dining room table + two chairs, and mattress; my first night on the new mattress was divine! It’s firm and plush in all the right ways — it’s so firm that it fully supports my back, but soft enough that I didn’t want to get up at all in the morning and the new feather pillow lets me melt right into it.

Unfortunately, Baby decided to give me a heart attack first thing in the morning by pulling a Houdini act — I ran around the condo, trying to call and find her. Turns out, she was just hiding under the blankets with me — seems she thinks the bed is just as comfortable as I do! She and I spent the morning being big lumps in the bed together.

Once I finally convinced myself to get out of bed, I nibbled on some fruit while trying to decided on what to wear — clothing and hair wise. As much of my clothing is still packed away in that box (the blue box? Or was it the grey box? The cardboard box? Plastic box? Oh damn, this might be harder to sort through than I thought), I’ve been living out of my suitcase since my trip to my hometown six weeks ago (ha!). With a lot of spare time until my parents came by, I decided to try something new with my hair: a side braid! I think it turned out pretty dang adorable!



In the bedroom: a storage bed, a chest of drawers, and side bedside tables — solid wood with a gorgeously shiny finish.

The first stuff we brought into the living room (there’s about three times as much stuff piled up, now).

The kitchen and part of the living room.



My parents and I brought in more boxes — you never realize how much you really own until you have to pack it all up and move it to a new place, yeesh! We spent the day shopping for MORE furniture and odds ‘n ends. My mom went around the condo, figuring out what I needed. When she went to the kitchen to find glasses, she instead found Baby in a box! Baby has now claimed this as HER box, and sits or lays in here whenever people are in the kitchen or living room.

We went back to Dodd’s furniture store, to find a TV stand and loveseat (because they gave us such an AMAZING deal on the bedroom set and dining set), and this time they gave us a deal on the prices AND agreed to set them up FOR FREE. Man, I adore this family run business!

Seriously though, what is this thing? It’s like if a Couch and a Chair had a lovechild. Whatever it is, sure as hell is comfortable!


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