Death of the Desktop

Day two of shopping around for my new condo, and getting unpacked and settled in: my parents moved everything I plan to sell or store into the nicely spacious storage off-shot from my balcony door, and we spent the afternoon taking measurements of the condo to various furniture stores and picking out a TV stand, two bookcases, a shelving unit, and a desk — with Tim’s help tomorrow, we’re going to pick everything up and move them in!

Tim’s League ranked team had a tournament today, they lost at the fight for top 8 teams out of 32 — but I’m proud of him, they did pretty well for their first-ever tournament! (Especially considering they really hadn’t played any ranked games up until practicing for this tourney). He said it was a good learning experience and they would enter ones in the future; that’s really what I’m most proud of — his attitude!

Tim accompanied me to a dinner with a bunch of family members including my parents, my cousin John and his gf Yuri, and my mom’s cousin’s husband John (that’s a confusing one) — unfortunately her cousin Robin had a family SOS and couldn’t make it; seems my great aunt and uncle’s health is declining more and more as time progresses.

I wanted to set up my desktop when I got back in tonight, my gorgeous Camilla — Tim thinks the size of her in compensating for something, I just responded with, “It’s in place of a penis; would you rather I had a penis? No? Then I have a giant desktop!” However, it turns out her power supply has burnt out! I’m so annoyed and upset about this — and I sincerely hope that’s the ONLY thing wrong; I don’t have a backup of any of her files, she IS my backup!

As soon as Tim gets home, we’ll get some gaming in, and hopefully that will improve my mood.

My poor Camilla!
Yes, I AM compensating for something — my obvious penis envy; NOT.


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