UVic Class Schedule

After a bit of playing e-mail tag + forwarding, I’ve finally got my class schedule set up for the coming year. Now, originally, I wasn’t even going to take any courses during the fall and just take my design course in the spring. However, on further reflection, and realization that my bf’s only real day off for me was going to be Fridays, I started thinking to myself that I might find myself rather bored without at least one artsy course to put towards my graduating credits. I went through the process of appealing to a couple heads of the departments and have now succeeded and settled on two year-long Applied Theatre courses, as well as a spring Design course.

Fall Schedule
Spring Schedule

Yesterday, my couch was brought in by Dodd’s furniture.

I spent a goodly amount of the afternoon on the phone with Shaw cable, attempting to troubleshoot the problems with my internet. We were able to determine that, for causes unknown, the signal coming in was too weak to the modem. A tech came in today and replaced parts in the wall and changed the modem’s ‘channel’, as it was being interfered with by others in the building, and it’s been strong since.

Unfortunately, Camilla (my main desktop rig) has a fried power supply AND motherboard. They’re all covered under my warranty, including all labor costs (man, I LOVE Boomers Computers), however it will be two-four weeks for the parts to be sent out and replaced. Until then, I have my mouse, keyboard, and even my high-def screen hooked up with my cute little laptop — isn’t it adorable? It still has to be set to low graphics, but it makes me feel just a little better.

My printer managed to also kick the bucket, as it were (technology HATES me lately), and I spent 1/4 of this month’s allowance on a new one — because I was DETERMINED last night, despite being sick in bed, to finish a present for Tim before he came over today. He seemed so touched I went out of my way to make something by hand for him. I’m still new to, and figuring out, this whole relationship thing — and I’ve never exactly done the gift-giving idea — but I wanted to do something nice, and something uniquely… me. Making things by hand is about all I know how. :)


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