Applied Theatre Log


The Great Dionysia Festival

Using fluid tableaus to recreate the events during the festival, via improv through a cold read; read a piece of Greek literature to analyze it’s message and find key points to be presented and discussed in next class.

Analysis: Used in culture and communities — elections, Olympics, religious practices, etc. Theatre, at the time of Athenian Greece, was used to make people think and discuss — playwrights were the great thinkers of the time; discussions happened during the performance, as the ‘fourth wall’ wasn’t a common concept — actors often addressed the audience directly in monologues. Subject of Tragedies were often drawn from myth, dieties, and given morals and a solution at the end of the play; Comedies were happier and uplifting.

Application: Theatre is a forefront to deliver a message, make a change, or show a point of view.



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