Applied Theatre Log


Presenting the condensed version of a scene taken from Acharnians (425 B.C.) by Aristophones;
Reading from Euripides’ Cyclops, from the point where Silenus (disguised under the name Ganymede) gets Cyclops drunk so he can burn out its eye




  • set in fictional setting (Thebes)
  • Community Building
  • Celebration
  • Criticize/ Scrutinize


  • Set in Athens (local)
  • Lenaia festival
  • Antagonist: usually a real, public figure who is openly criticized
  • Protagonist: a fictional character characterized by being hard-working, respectable (sympathetic character: the audience can relate to him)
  • Comment on and try to influence public thinking about matters of major civic importance



The distinction between ridicule and slander was very important as the penalty for slander was death:

  • Ridicule: about a fact
  • Slander: about a lie


Chorus: singing & dancing, wore masks – often depicting animals


Satyr Plays:

  • comes at the end of a tragedy (fourth play)
  • satyrs (mythic creature): lecherous. drunken, impulsive, grotesque




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