Civ 5 Demo: First Impressions

I’ve never been one for playing many strategy games; I don’t favor having to sit and play a game all day simply to accomplish a couple tasks. It’s an unfortunate mind set that makes us demand constant and instantaneous reward for little effort — something brought on from the current generation, and which seems to increase as time goes on (however, that’s a rant in and of itself which will break me too far off topic).

Civilization 5 (more oft called simply Civ5) is a strategic turn-based command and conquer game. As you build up your civilization from nothing, you invest in research which advances your technology while exploring a hex grid map, making pacts and waging war with other civilizations whether AI controlled or vs other online players or friends. It’s a slow-paced game which requires a lot of micro management and complex, strategic thinking to continuously plan multiple turns ahead.

hex grid map

Although, I found some odd quirks that aren’t quite glitches but made me wonder WTF was going on in programming — specifically, when an AI civilization build a settlement beside my own and then immediately declared war on me for being in too close proximity to their territory; I have yet to wrap my head about that one.

Waging war with Germany

I’m not certain what aspects make it so addicting — perhaps the God complex: controlling every decision and movement of an entire civilization of people; or perhaps for some people the sense of exploration; and yet for some, of course, the blood lust of waging constant war and crushing others into the dust. Whatever your draw, it’s the type of game which is constantly evolving and never played the exact same way twice.

Suffice to say, though, this is one strategy game that has won over my vote.


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