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Media Terrorism

I, as a former journalist and human being, hate Facebook, twitter, Fox News… and all other social media platforms. They have a tendency to like spreading media terrorism — exaggerated or false claims intended to cause panic in the general populace (namely those who don’t know how to use their own common sense; which, unfortunately, is the vast majority).

People have become cattle, and the issue lies more with general society than media outlets themselves. Reporters get paid for simply capitalizing on people who are willing to believe everything they see on the internet, media, news, etc. because they’ve given up their capacity to think for themselves. They don’t bother to educate themselves on a subject before they make a decision, and then proceed to spread rumors and false information to others whom are equally too foolish to use common sense.

Did you know:
The only journalistic fields in which a reporter is required to be educated in are law and politics.

For example in North America: Fukushima. I kept getting texts from friends who were panicking over the rumors of radiation poisoning, etc. Do you even know anything about radiation poisoning, or the chemicals used at Fukushima, or the dispersal pattern/potential of specific chemicals via air currents and/or water? Didn’t think so.

So, all I have to say is: educate yourself before you make a bold claim/statement (because the media is unlikely to do so for you). And I mean REALLY educate yourself. Pick up a textbook, ask a specialist in the field of interest, find information from medical trials, anything that gets you thinking for yourself for once in your mundane life. You were given a brain for a reason, now use it!


Random Factoid:
University of Victoria’s journalism department requested I complete a degree in the field and work for them (by the head of the department, in person).


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