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First Vacation – Day 1

With my temporary roommates finally moved out, I actually had the space to pack (last minute, mind you). I realized halfway through packing that it was a very amusing sight to see the difference of Jayson’s suitcase next to mine (being half the size of mine). My essentials were along the lines of clothing for all weather, bathroom hygiene products, and art materials; his were a set of throwing knives, practice nunchuks, and his favorite Bruce Lee lunch box.

Packing: Girl vs Guy
Packing: Girl vs Guy

I decided I would also do a Blog Challenge throughout the trip. :)


Day 1: List 20 Random Facts About Yourself

  1. I have suffered from Bipolar Type I disorder since, at least, age 17.
  2. My best friend in high school saved my life once, so I passed it on and talked someone down from suicide.
  3. I have two cats, whom I spoil immensely as surrogates for the lack of children.
  4. On the same note, I lost two babies and it will always hurt.
  5. I am overweight, and quite unhappy about it.
  6. I follow Pagan beliefs and teachings — and am High Priestess for an online based Wiccan circle.
  7. I originally met my bf online, and believe wholeheartedly that lasting relationships can be formed at a distance.
  8. I don’t keep money in the bank — mostly because I have none.
  9. I believe all governments and politicians are corrupt, no matter how much they pretend otherwise. As such, I don’t believe they are fit to represent the people when the only ones they care about are the 1%.
  10. I prefer PC over Mac, hands down.
  11. I adore Harvest Moon and Pokemon video games, as much as all the FPS, RPG and strategic games I play.
  12. I pretend to be vain in order to cover up my severe self esteem issues.
  13. I’m incredibly paranoid of what others think of me.
  14. I’m petrified of heights, and as such of flying — despite I’ve been on more flights than the average person.
  15. I do not, nor ever will, have a driver’s licence.
  16. I used to want to be a professional model — until I realized how disturbingly warped the industry is.
  17. I used to dream about being an actress or singer — not because I wanted to be famous, but because I love the artforms themselves.
  18. I was diagnosed with PTSD this past year.
  19. I am bilingual: english and french.
  20. I have been published multiple times for poetry and short stories, but dream of being a best selling author, novelist.



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