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Day 3

I came up to the house while everyone else was asleep, so I took the time to stop and smell the roses — or in my case, stop and take pictures of all the flowers. My parents tell me now that they think my photos look even better than the real thing — perhaps I should start getting back into photography some more? I realized I was happier overall as a photographer because I didn’t worry about my body weight — as opposed to now as a model.


Once everyone was awake, we decided to try kayaking for the first time since I was a kid (and the first time ever for Jayson, who has a fairly severe phobia of open / deep water). Despite injuring my hand (my nail caught on some mesh on my kayak and tore most of the nail off), it was a lot of fun and felt really freeing to slice my paddle into the water and glide over the waves. And I was incredibly proud of Jayson for facing his fears and trying something new.
P1010461 EDIT

Day 3: Describe your relationship with your parents

I have a closer relation to my parents than many do at my age, still considering them an important factor in my life and personal development. Yes, they financially are supporting me (until I can hopefully get approved for financial assistance, so dad can finally retire), and play an active role in my support system for my bipolar. However, how many parents do you know who would buy you a place to live, continually pay the mortgage (as well as their own), pay your bills, travel back and forth when you need it, manage phone calls with doctors, and all around take an active part continually in your life simply because they love you unconditionally? I am incredibly spoiled, but also incredibly blessed and I never take that for granted — I try to always ensure my parents know how much I appreciate and love them and everything they’ve done to help me develop into a functioning adult and unique individual who always can follow my dreams.




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