30 Day Challenge · Blog · Travel

Day 5

Awkwardly, Jayson re-injured his knee yesterday evening and has been keeping it rested and ice on it during the night. I lent him my knee brace temporarily, feeling a bit guilty about it (since he twisted it while trying to help me find my missing cat, Baby).

Because of that, we basically stayed in and rested all day. While we went into town for groceries, Jayson discovered the hammock out back and lay in the sun and sea breeze — a view of the ocean he enjoys much better than up close.


What are the 5 Things that make you most happy right now?

  1. Family — and the knowledge that there are people who will always love me unconditionally in the world.
  2. Friends — who enjoy the best and worst of life with me.
  3. Love — my partner throughout the good and bad, who will support me through all my quirks, and who always has my back (and vice versa).
  4. Pets — my babies.
  5. Nature — the world is beautiful.


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