30 Day Challenge · Blog · Travel

Day 6

014 EDIT

I finally sat down (literally) to paint my parents’ porch gate (made one of a kind, custom for them by the artist out of iron, and they had asked me to paint it — it depicts a sea lion swimming among seaweed and coral). I finished both sides of the green paint and will continue on the body of the seal tomorrow.

We went out to the lake for a while today, just a short trip since by then the wind had kicked up. Then we came home to have mom’s delicious homemade pizza.

Jayson’s been fascinated by all the wildlife and scenic views on the island, and thanked me for suggesting and inviting him out here. I’m glad he’s enjoying it as much as I’d hoped — and that I finally have someone to share this part of my life with.

005 EDIT-horz

What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?
Something which I will never be comfortable discussing in a public forum.


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