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Day 14 – Calgary

We traveled from Kamloops to Calgary, and Jayson was thrilled to point out and tell me history from this cowboy countryside he’s so proud to have come from. He lights up talking about it, but tells me that it feels strange to come back — this is no longer home.


Day 14: Describe 5 strengths you have

  1. Compassion — I care, deeply, for others, unconditionally. It allows me the strong sort of empathy I use when dealing with others, working with disabled, helping friends, etc.
  2. Resilience — I’ve survived a lot more than most can even imagine (go ahead and ask me 1 on 1, I’ll tell it straight but it doesn’t belong on the internet), and yet I’m still going strong. What I’ve experienced has shaped me into the woman I’ve become, for good or bad.
  3. Down to earth — I call it like I see it, there’s no reason to sugar coat anything.
  4. Support system — I believe my family and friends are part of what keeps me strong, through the good and bad.
  5. Spiritual — I think my spirituality is one of my stronger aspects, because the teachings and belief system have helped keep me relatively sane, helped me find zen and balance in my life, and sometimes helps me focus. It’s something to believe in, hope for and draw strength from.


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