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Day 16

We spent the day like an old married couple: laundry, dishes, homemade food, and watching all the best real estate programs and taking bets over whether that day’s couple will “Love it or List it” and who will find something valuable in “Storage Wars”. It’s actually quite enjoyable and we’ve become a bit addicted — for Jayson, he likes to understand the value of things; for myself, I like to see the before and after differences of renovation because I find it quite remarkable.


Day 16: What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?

  1. Entrance to Private School based on a 97 percentile (greater than 97% of applicants) score.
  2. Easy entrance to any post secondary school of my choosing; though I decided to stay close to home and attend UVic.
  3. Poetry and Short Stories published during high school.
  4. Achieving relative stability, coping mechanisms for my bipolar, and capacity to live on my own and function (relatively) normally.
  5. Helping two suicidal teenage girls understand what they’re going through (development of bipolar), and why suicide is the wrong answer.


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