30 Day Challenge · Blog · Travel

Day 17

I helped disassemble and reassemble parts of a car! Yay! I usually suck at this sort of thing, but Jayson was surprised with just how much more helpful I was than he expected. I even found the bumper we needed among eveything at the Pick N Pull junkyard (which wasn’t easy at all, considering that place is HUGE and full of every type of vehicle).

I also explained to Jayson the correct safe method of boosting a car (he almost electrocuted me last time he tried).

However, after we had put on the new parts, we found out that someone had intentionally taken a hacksaw to part of the underside of the car — why on earth anyone would do so is beyond me. But now that requires more money towards repairing it. Sigh. Life can never be simple, can it?


Day 17: What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

Being productive and creative — being able to create art and writing that would sell for enough to live off of.


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