30 Day Challenge · Blog · Travel

Day 19

Found out today that one of our main actresses from the Shakespeare productions was just ‘fired’ — less than a week before the shows in Sidney. I’m incredibly concerned about being able to replace her THREE roles, in both shows. However, at the same time, I’ll do everything I can to ensure the production runs smoothly for whoever her understudies are.

I’ve been having some odd side effects from my newest medication: something akin to RLS (restless leg syndrom — however, misleading name, as it can affect any limb, not just legs) in my right arm nearly every evening. It makes it quite difficult to fall asleep and is nearly unbearable some nights. I definitely need to find a solution to this with my doctor.


Day 19: If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

Likely Quadra Island, in BC, Canada. It’s absolutely stunning there, most properties are on the water and many aren’t impossibly expensive, it has good land for farming and raising livestock, an amazing artistic community, and even a small pagan community. I would likely be able to work on my art and sell it at the local markets there (as well as online through Etsy). It also happens to be the same island that my parents live on, and I enjoy being close enough to visit nearly whenever I desire to — I have a strong relationship with my parents.


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