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30 Days of Beauty – Update

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this ambitious project!

Because of timeline, I’ve decided to start the project October 1st — that way, it will be easy to follow what day I’m on (plus I can end the project with something Hallowe’en-esque).


This is a two part project.

1. I will be sampling and reviewing various beauty products, companies, websites, etc. and voicing my personal opinion on the industry, defending my personal preferences, and showing a bit of tutorials as to how I obtain some of my more dramatic make-up styles (such as in the portraits below).

2. Each day will be followed with a new portrait by Secret Confession Photography, in the same style as previous ones (though each day will vary as much as I’m able to achieve as my own stylist and MUA).

These will be uploaded to this blog, as well as YouTube, Facebook, and DeviantArt.
These will be updated throughout the project, some daily and some weekly.
A YouTube blog will be posted soon to give more detailed information, as well as relaying the above.


portraits timeline checker
All Portraits (C) Secret Confession Photography.



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