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January 3, 2015

Your View On Drugs and Alcohol

Firstly, let me establish that there is a fine line between recreation and prescription drugs — I will go into detail on both topics.



I believe doctors too readily hand out prescriptions to patients — causing more problems with addictions, withdrawal symptoms, dependency, and building up tolerances. That being said, there are situations in which those prescriptions are going so far as to saving lives (ex. anti depressants may save someone with suicidal tendencies, as long as they are also working with a psychiatrist to address their triggers). I rely fairly heavily on my prescriptions to continually balance the chemicals in my brain — as my brain refuses to produce some necessary chemicals, and over produces others. However, I also hope and aim towards not needing medication somewhere into the future (such as 5-10 years from now). For now, though, I trust my psychiatrist to safely change around my meds until we find a balance of positive effects and minimal side effects.



Do I really need to go into depths on this? No. No, no, no. Just no. I think the use of recreational drugs indicates a weak, immature mind that refuses to instead utilize their potential. Many of them inhibit or damage the brain’s normal functions, thereby reducing that individual’s usefulness as they become incapable of succeeding. Yes, I have a very dark and negative view on the subject — I see no need for them. But it’s one’s own prerogative to choose. I simply believe they’re choosing wrong — but I have a biased take on the subject matter: In my early high school years, my best friend began taking LSD and, I believe, PCP because he suffered from depression and wanted to fit in (with the absolute wrong crowd); he refused to let me help him, and eventually I lost him.



I believe, in moderation, alcohol can be a pleasant experience when having fun with friends or family. The warm flush and buzz you feel when achieving ‘tipsy’ makes one feel giddy, and slightly reduces inhibitions to allow the sense of fun. However, taken to excess, it becomes a dangerous potential addiction. I believe only those with self-control can safely utilize alcohol.


Readers, what’s your opinion?


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