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January 6, 2015

Write 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

  1. I’m 1/4 East Indian, and 3/4 Ukrainian.
  2. I’ve never been on a roller coaster.
  3. I’ve had my writing published before.
  4. I aim to be a fantasy and mystery novelist.
  5. I’ve had two miscarriages.
  6. I’m quite possibly the most vanilla person you’ll meet.
  7. I have two amazing godchildren whom I adore, but rarely get to see (too far away).
  8. I hand-made jewelry.
  9. When I’m bored, I fidget and have to busy my hands — even if it’s just drawing/coloring.
  10. I have Bipolar Type I disorder, an anxiety disorder, and PTSD.
  11. I constantly make funny voices or odd noises, and blame it on being a theater geek.
  12. I’m often a loud person, except around people I don’t know.
  13. I’m in the middle of making a game with RPG Maker.
  14. I first attended university at age 14.
  15. I attended a specialized theater school at 15.
  16. I’m exactly halfway through my university credits, aiming towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater.
  17. I work for a local Shakespearean theater company.
  18. I own a dozen different wigs, in various colors, lengths and styles (both cheap and expensive ones).
  19. My boyfriend’s pet name for me is ‘teacup’.
  20. I read lists from bottom to top, though I have no idea why.
  21. I often lay in weird positions on the couch or when reading a book (like, upside down, or contorted like a pretzel).
  22. I work as a model, voice actor, actor and artist (though it’s all freelance work).
  23. I’m currently running 4 voice acting projects of my own, two of which are audio books that I wrote.
  24. I have severe self-esteem issues.
  25. I’m a terrible cook, but an amazing baker.
  26. I have two cats, despite being mildly allergic to one.
  27. I grew up in the Yukon, but was born in Winnipeg. I’ve never lived outside of Canada, and have never traveled beyond North America.
  28. My best friend died in high school.
  29. My all-time favorite literature is a children’s book called “The Balloon Tree”.
  30. I hate mushrooms.


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