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30 Days of Fitness

I’ve custom tailored a new workout routine for myself, aimed towards toning up my legs and butt – without limiting calorie intake or obsessing over weight loss. My ultimate goal is to tone up, make more conscious choices about what I consume, and start feeling better about my body and -ultimately- myself.

I’m aware that I have a very unhealthy mindset, and in the past have focused very heavily on what my bathroom scale says. I tried diet pills, limiting calorie intake, and exercising excessively. All produced weight loss in the short term, but I regained it in the longterm.

As many people know, my medications cause weight retention/gain side effects, which has negatively impacted my overall mood and self esteem. I’m trying to remedy this mindset by creating realistic goals aimed towards a healthier body, as opposed to a number.

30 day custom butt and legs3


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