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30 Days Weight Loss Challenge: Day 17

Day 17: Do you have an eating disorder?

I’d like to focus a lot more attention on this question, because it is a serious one. Eating disorders plague a lot of people, especially due to media’s focus on ‘beauty means being skinny’. I used to be anorexic, in mind and body. At 5’11”, I weighed a measly 120 lbs and had a dress size of, I believe, 4-6. I had to buy a new dress the day before my graduation because I had lost so much weight. And it really didn’t happen on purpose, I had simply been eating less and exercising more to try to stay healthy. Somehow, my obsession with being skinny got away from me. I became really lax after that, though, and regained the weight back to a healthy weight. After two pregnancies, I became a very large lady.

I currently suffer from binge eating, which was recognized as an official eating disorder a few years ago. This is not to be confused with binge and purging disorder (meaning to throw up after eating). I have a problem in my brain where the ‘I’m full’ signal doesn’t always reach my brain and I simply continue eating until I feel ill. I’ve begun to counter this by eating more filling foods, drinking more water and, on occasion, using appetite suppressants.




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