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I’m presently in the process of developing a game using RPG Maker VX Ace. It’s been a steep curve learning how to script properly, but it’s already paying off. Thanks to some top-notch scripts by other developers, I’ve begun to develop a unique feel to the Main Menu, HUD and Combat System. I think I’m most excited about finally having programmed in a Quest System (which is not included among RPG Maker’s default interface, for some reason). Presently, I’m happy to be using scripts by Galv, Yanfly and Modern Algebra.



I’ve been playing around with the Classes, Skills, Weapons, Armor and Items. After a lot of thought, I finally settled on the team that would go into the game (although, I admit, this is submit to change should the whim strike me; however, I have little desire to stress further over it).


The most difficult part is scripting itself, especially in relation to ‘events’. It takes a lot of time, patience, and testing in order to have the scripts functioning properly. And I often make various mistakes repeatedly.


However, by far my favorite part is designing the maps themselves. While time consuming and, at times, tedious, watching the game world come to life is rewarding in and of itself. I envision something and then I create it, I control every aspect of this world, and put a lot of thought into each detail… although sometimes I just copy+paste a ton of trees.



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