Pathfinder Custom Class: Clockwork Engineer (Tinker Re-visited)

The Tinker Re-visited class, The Clockwork Engineer utilizes automatons to do his bidding and fight for him. Developed as a custom class for a friend.


The original Tinker class, by 3rd party Interjection Games, can be found here.
Alternatively, you can purchase their entire PDF with expanded information here. Their product features:

Their product features:

  • The Tinker base class
  • Progression tables for the tinker, his automatons, and his alpha
  • 4 feats
  • 21 innovations (talents)
  • 12 greater innovations (greater talents)
  • 121 inventions with full summary invention list
  • Dozens of pregenerated automaton configurations to get the creative juices flowing
  • Bookmarks and limited internal linking


Download my custom rework: Clockwork Engineers
*This PDF features only the re-worked Clockwork Engineer class.


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