World Building June – Day 1: Introduction

The world of Estia is comprised of eight kingdoms.

Lush, beautiful kingdom presently reigned over by Queen Lucille Alexandra. She had two children with her late-husband, twins Darius and Draven (born only minutes apart). Draven has always been very vocal (behind closed doors) about his resentment for being passed over for his brother as heir. The royal family are the only ones given their Shard at birth, and only the reigning crown possess a full Shard (siblings in the family are given only a half Shard, thereby possessing less power to command others). Warm weather, vibrant growth in forests and grasslands, origin of Virtue shards.
Powerful crystals called Virtue Shards are given to every individual in adolescence. These shards, believed to be blessed by the Goddess Sylva and found in her temple, are embedded into the skin of its bearer, directly over the heart, thereby becoming a part of their life force and imbuing them with magical talents. This ceremony occurs on the youth’s thirteenth birthday, in which they are presented with one of each shard type. Whichever shard resonates and glows with the individual becomes theirs for the remainder of their life. While they may not have a conscious choice of which shard they receive, every individual is still able to decide their own fate in life. However, if one’s shard is ever removed, they will almost certainly die.
Created from the crystalized mana left over from a deceased dragon. When many died in their burial ground, they condensed into what is presently the Virtue Shards.

Setting for ‘Elementals’.

A kingdom far to the north, reputable for its neutrality in conflict. They are often mediators for the other kingdoms, refusing to take aggressive stances or choosing sides ever since the Demon’s War hundreds of years ago. The only kingdom with a formal standing truce with Datherone (due to their heirs being betrothed). Colder climate, mountainous and plains.

Setting for ‘_____’.

The most central of kingdoms, it is the only one directly connected to the other four. As such, it is often the battlegrounds for past wars. Known for being the most tolerant of all races, it has a very diverse culture. Despite its violent history, they are very welcoming to outsiders. The present ruling family is Faen, their most common native race. Mostly fields. Royal family possesses unique ability to ‘bind’ demons.

Setting for ‘_____’.

Far to the west lies a desert kingdom. Its nomad and gypsy tribes are rarely united, and is seen as being the most chaotic of all kingdoms. Their ‘reigning sovereign’ is constantly changing in an endless power struggle to unite the lands. Thereby, the people from Tanria are hardy and resilient, and not opposed to spilling blood in order to get their own way. Only kingdom where the Ventiri reside, having been banished long ago.

Setting for ‘Thief Incarnate’.

Home to the Golems. Isolated from the rest of the continents, surrounded by mountains and sheer cliffs.

Home to the Drakin.

Mountainous region.

Lush rain forests.


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