WBJ Day 3: People & Races (1/2)


The Avarel are a rare race, said to have been descended from the extinct Phoenixes – this is in large part due to their strong avian features. However, many believe they are simply closely related to Harpies. Avarel are said to possess strong divination powers, and can sometimes manifest fire from nothing.

Physical Description: An Avarel generally has red, orange or golden hair which blends into feathers along the sides of their heads. They typically have rare violet irises, strikingly sharp features, and long talon-like nails. Some possess brilliantly light wings.

Society: Because of how rare they are, Avarel generally assimilate into Faen societies. Because they grow up in Faen society, they develop the same customs, skills and beliefs.

Relations: Avarel usually don’t have a problem or negative interactions as they are very charismatic. Most are in awe at their unique appearance, however they are rarely discriminated against.

Alignment and Religion: Avarel believe in The Creator (the main deity)

Adventurers: Avarel are just as likely to become adventurers as any Faen.



The Charren are considered to be spirits of the forest, in tune with all of nature and the elements. They understand the language of the forest, can communicate with plants and animals, and are believed to have been created by ‘The Spirit of the Forest’ – a legendary deity that takes the form of a great stag. Charren are rarely seen, as they take the form of animals and easily hide from outsiders.

Physical Description: Charren are small, stocky creatures with animalistic features that resemble the animal they are rumored to have been created from by The Spirit of the Forest. This could manifest in slit pupils, horns, claws, fangs, fur, tails, paws, etc. No two Charren ever look exactly alike.

Society: Many are nomadic, but it is common for them to gather into tribe-like societies.

Relations: Charren are cautious yet kind. They avoid interactions with those outside their race, however it isn’t unheard of for one to reveal itself to offer aid to lost travelers. They cherish all life, and wish goodwill upon other races.

Alignment and Religion: Charren are very good natured and have a strong sense of right and wrong. They don’t believe in harming others, unless the forest is threatened. They strongly believe in The Spirit of the Forest as their creator and protector. They are all considered to be his children, although no one has ever seen the deity.

Adventurers: Charren very rarely leave their forest, as they feel it is their home and safety zone. However, once in a while, a young Charren will become curious of the world outside the woods and venture into civilization.



The Crystalis are an ancient race from the Plane of Earth. Centuries ago, they become trapped from their home plane and had to carve out a new life for themselves. The crystals that cover their body are ever growing and changing, forming different colors and shapes over the course of a lifetime (of which is extensively long). Crystalis possess no sexual organs, nor do they reproduce as other races; in fact, few are certain how the Crystalis are born or if they simply were willed into being and have been slowly declining ever since. In reality, when one Crystalis reaches the end of its life cycle, it travels as deep underground as it can manage before shattering. Pressure within the earth compresses those shards into a new being. They inherit the crystal orb wielded by their predecessor, which contains the memories and wisdom of all those who came before it. While they cannot fully access these memories, they are aware of the ‘presence’ of their ancestors and inherently know how to begin caring for themselves. Upon the end of their cycle, they will repeat the process all over again. Each ‘incarnation’ is a different individual, with unique likes, dislikes, personality, mannerisms, soul, etc.

Physical Descriptions: Crystalis are solidly built, with skin and hair seemingly to be made from crystal or gemstone. They often are mistakenly compared in resemblance to Oreads. They appear in all hues and shades of color, generally adapting to gems and minerals in their immediate area. As they age (and gain levels), they begin to form sturdier skin, sometimes forming small clusters of crystals that protrude from their body.

Society: Crystalis, having lost access to their home plane long ago, have no real established society of their own. Instead, most grow up accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from place to place and never finding they really fit in with typical communities (human or otherwise). They have a reputation for rarely settling down.

Relations: Crystalis feel comfortable in any company, often keen to familiarize themselves with the habits, mannerisms and customs of other races. The elemental-touched races are often their favorite, finding them reminiscent of their lost home.

Alignment and Religion: Crystalis are fluid and freedom-loving creatures, but not unaware of morality or laws. They are often lawful neutral. They are rarely religious, finding worship of their ancestors to be more tangible and beneficial than that of any deity.

Adventurers: Crystalis are inherently curious and value wisdom above all else. As such, they are keen to explore new places, meet new people and encounter new cultures and customs. They enjoy the shock of change and often delve into new experiences impulsively.

Names: Because of the circumstances of their birth, Crystalis often name themselves. They typically choose names of rocks, minerals or precious gemstones in their immediate surroundings. Examples: Agate, Amber, Basalt, Jasper, Quartz, Sapphire, etc.



The Drakin are a powerful and proud race descended by the extinct dragons. They only reside and reproduce within their own kind, thereby keeping their blood ‘pure’. They will rarely communicate or have diplomatic relations with other kingdoms due to their vanity and pride – they view themselves as being above other races due to their powerful bloodlines. They reside in Datherone, where other races are rarely permitted entry. They possess no magical talent, but make for strong warriors.

Physical Description: Typical Draken possess muscular builds with scales across parts of their body in the color of their ancestor’s hides. They always have red or gold irises, long clawed fingers and horns that bend and form into their hair.

Society: Drakin society is rigid and has a military feel to its organization. Everyone has their place in the inner workings of the work force, economy, and society. Import and export are a large part of their economy as they hold the monopoly over riches such as gold and diamonds.

Relations: Typically Drakin don’t have relations with those outside their own species. However, a long time ago, a Drakin prince wed a Faen princess in order to build the first truce in Drakin history. This led to what some deemed as impure blood, and eventually a civil war nearly destroyed the treaty – however, it still holds today.

Alignment and Religion: The Drakin, instead of following the worship of The Creator, instead worship their draconic ancestors.

Adventurers: It is almost unheard of for a Drakin to travel beyond the borders of Datherone. They would rather be amongst their own kind, who they deem as the superior race.



Often called the ‘Fairfolk’, Faen are mortals who are in tune with the natural world around them. They live in balance with the world and the creatures who inhabit it. They are the most common race, inhabiting nearly every continent and kingdom. The royal families of Lucreta, Farmayne and Balveria all consist of Faen nobles, and it is nearly unheard of for a royal to wed outside of Faen nobility. Without Virute Shards (magical crystals embedded into the heart), Faen possess no inherent magical talent.

Physical Description: Faen are generally very tall and slender, with wide eyes, vibrant colored irises, high cheekbones, and are easily recognizable by their long, pointed ears. It is a common misconception that Faen are weak because of their frail-looking frame, however they are as strong as any other race. Their complexions vary dependent upon their habitat and lifestyle, however they typically have light skin and light-colored hair.

Society: The Faen are culturally diverse and often welcome other races into their culture and belief systems. They live in structured towns and cities, each kingdom with a ruling royal family. Economy is largely reliant on hunting, mining, logging, farming, fishing, and trade – dependent upon which kingdom.

Relations: Faen are friendly and welcoming to others. However, that being said, wars aren’t unheard of when the kingdoms fall into dispute. The most common conflicts arise between Faen and Ventiri (their desert-dwelling counterparts).

Alignment and Religion: All Faen believe in The Creator – anyone who doesn’t is considered to be strange and heretical. While there is no official negative repercussion for blasphemy, it generally leads to be ostracized by others of the community.

Adventurers: Faen commonly wish to travel and see the world, or join caravans to travel between cities/kingdoms.


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