WBJ Day 4-9 (Culture, etc.)

Culture, Civilization, Economy

History, Hierarchy, Power, Governance

  • World is approximately 5000 years old; there is only about 800 years of recorded history; present civilization culture and system in place for 500 years.
  • Most believe in The Creator, even if they have different names for it. It is considered strange not to believe in it.
  • Most myths are believed to be true.
  • There is a singular calendar that tracks the position of the moons (two of them) and stars, with three seasons to the year: Season of Emergence, Season of the Harvest, and Season of the Inundation.
  • Common, or Trade Tongue, is the most widely spoken language.


  • Most open to other races, except Ventiri – who are hated and banished
  • Avarel and Sylvari are fairly common, Kalari are common, Charren are rarely seen
  • Home to the Kalari metropolis, deep beneath an ocean cavern
  • Faen reigning family (can only birth daughters)
  • Royals take on ‘bonded mates’ who are dedicated bodyguards
  • Believe in The Creator, and have a grand cathedral in capital
  • High education for nobility, basic for commoners
  • Economy based heavily on farming and livestock
  • Citizens greatly respect the royals, and trust their protection, despite all the conflicts the kingdom has been part of
  • Strong military presence
  • Often the battleground to many wars
  • Mostly plains and hills, some forests and lakes


  • Only Drakin population
  • Rarely allow outsiders to be granted entry; and even then, are required to remain in a segregated area of the trades port
  • Drakin reigning family
  • Peace and trade treaty w/ Lucreta by arranged marriage
  • Believe they are superior to all other races
  • Education required by all
  • Technologically more advanced than the other races; use steam and clockwork engineering
  • Religion is unimportant amongst them, and mostly rejected for the path of science
  • Self-sufficient economy; trade w/ Lucreta
  • Mostly mountainous region, with valuable mining resources unique to the kingdom


  • Heavy Faen population
  • Avarel and Sylvari are very rare; Charren are rare but present in the forests
  • Faen royal family
  • Royals adored for being kind hearted, and often walking among their people
  • Marriage ties to Lucreta
  • Uncommon to take part in conflict, but has happened recently in the past
  • Education required by all
  • Only kingdom who uses Virtue Shards in order to grant their citizens stronger magical talents; required at ‘coming of age’ ceremony
  • Religion is not very important to them
  • Economy based on heavily on mining, somewhat on farming, logging and trade
  • Mostly forests, plains and mountains


  • Rainforests
  • Uninhabited
  • Surrounded by storms and whirlpools; inaccessible


  • Mixed races, open-minded, culturally-open
  • Faen reigning family (w/ mixed Drakin bloodline); always female reigning sovereign; royals have blood ties to Farmayne’s royals (through marriage)
  • Very spiritual kingdom, believed The Creator’s influence is everywhere, and possesses many chapels – services every new moon
  • Citizens usually follow in their parent’s profession via apprenticeships, but education is free to all subjects and encouraged – required by nobility and royals
  • Economy is heavily based on hunting, logging, root vegetables, ice fishing and trade w/ Datherone
  • Citizens respect the royals, and value the kingdom’s neutrality in conflict
  • Special treaty w/ Datherone through arranged marriage
  • Avarel and Sylvari are rare, but present; Kalari rarely venture this far north; Charren are most common in the mountains and forest
  • Presently at peace with all kingdoms
  • Mostly forests and mountains


  • Very closed minded, do not welcome non-Ventiri, and often respond to outsiders with hostility and even violence
  • Ventiri banished by all kingdoms for their part in a past war
  • Charren, Avarel, Sylvari, Faen, Kalari, etc. do not reside here
  • Disconnected tribes of gypsies
  • A couple major hubs, almost cities, where the tribes will often congregate
  • ‘Reigning’ family united most tribes after reclaiming a royal heirloom
  • Commonly involved in conflict with other nations
  • Constantly at war with Balveria
  • Religion is basically non existent
  • No set ‘economy’ – self-sufficient; tribes trade with each other only
  • Entirely desert and mountains


  • Closed borders; solely Golem population
  • Very little is known as the Golems do not trade or share knowledge with other kingdoms


  • Mixed population
  • Magic is banned, and viewed with animosity
  • Rarely trade with outside kingdoms; self-sufficient
  • Balanced mix of plains, hills, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers




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