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Where Have I Been?

For those returning to read my blog, welcome back! And welcome back to myself; it’s been a long absence from consistent writing.

Where have I been?
A slew of tragedies among friends and family, my own crippling depression, and some medical issues to kick my butt a few times over. So, where does this leave me now? Picking up the pieces of my life every time something falls apart, slowly putting myself back together again, and trying to pursue my passions with vigor and determination.

“What are your current work in progresses?”
For those of you who want to know what I’m planning to release in the next coming year, look no further than this quick breakdown:

  1. Pathfinder 1st Edition Campaign Setting (eventually will also be converted to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition).
  2. YA High Fantasy duology about a witch who is summoned to cure an incurable illness at the royal court.
  3. Middle Grade Fantasy Trilogy focused on traveling between worlds, unicorn magic, and leading a resistance to save the world.

For more details on the Campaign Setting and a proper Synopsis/Blurb about each book, check out the Works in Progress page. It will be continually updated as I continue writing, look for beta readers, and work towards publication dates.

Anything else?
The Unicorn Crate! You read that correct. I’ve subscribed to a fantasy novel box on a monthly basis. It delivers a newly released (published within 4-6 weeks of package delivery) hardcover fantasy novel with 4-6 extra goodies (merchandise) related to the novel itself or the theme of the month (August’s theme is: Heart of the Dragon). I can’t wait to find out what my first novel will be when it arrives, and I hope you’ll all enjoy my Unboxing video and eventual Review.

combine boxes 6

And if you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe via wordpress account or e-mail to my updates in order to get notified when I upload new content. And until then, cheers everyone~


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