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Unicorn Crate Unboxing – July 2019

It’s finally here, guys! The Unicorn Crate for the end of July 2019 (I tend to receive things a bit into the next month). I’m really excited to share this with you all. Please check it out, and like + subscribe if you want to see more from me (or my alter ego, Synren).


For those who may not want to watch the video, here’s a snapshot of all the loot/swag to show you what was in the crate this past month. In the “Enchanted Objects” themed box, there was the following:

  • A thyme herb growing kit.
  • A Harry Potter themed wallet (The Marauder’s Map).
  • A Lord of the Rings inspired headband (showing various iconic objects).
  • A Golden Compass sticker.
  • A Unicorn Crate stamp.
  • An Aladdin inspired lamp keychain.
  • A Little Mermaid inspired shell necklace.
  • An unrefined quartz crystal with a quote from the 1982 movie.
  • “Spin the Dawn” by Elizabeth Lim, along with her autograph and a signed letter to the reader.

Unicorn Crate July 2019 12


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