Creative Live (Courses)

I decided recently, after a short conversation with my mother about it, that I wanted to take some of those online courses we constantly see on Facebook ads (such as ‘Master Class’ — being taught skills by the professionals). The only problem was that I found Master Class felt very rigid and… well, almost boring to listen to.

I instead looked into other online course sites that had a strong focus on writing, but offered some other options. After watching a lot of intro videos or reading descriptions, I finally settled on being my favorite. It doesn’t have as well-known/famous teachers as MasterClass, but I think I liked how much more ‘real’ these instructors felt — more down-to-earth, more ‘like me’. It also offers courses on a wide variety of topics, the majority of which you get access to if you pay their monthly subscription fee (which I am).

The main course I’ve been taking is a series of web seminars taught by Jennie Nash, a Book Coach and the Founder of Author Accelerator. The course is called “Write Your Book: Start Strong and Get It Done”.

The course has helped me build a stronger foundation and fundamentals for my novel, giving me more to work with as I build up the story. I’m pretty excited to put these lessons forward towards writing my book from a new perspective — and I actually ended up changing the entire POV of my Middle Grade High Fantasy novel series, “Avalyn” in working through the course workbook.


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