NaNo2020 Day 2: A Novel Idea

An idea exercise. Write down all your disjointed ideas for plots, characters, narratives, stories, subplots, etc. Pick one and use this basic outline to expand on it. For this exercise, I’ll utilize one of the ideas that lead to my current work-in-progress project.

Idea: A prince/princess must lead a rebellion against the tyrant king who usurped their throne, but they don’t yet know who they are from the start.

What Excites Me About This Idea: I love stories about hidden identities and regal blood or powerful destinies. I like the idea of someone being chosen or special, of being able to do something that nobody else can. Psychologically it stems from a place of where I feel I lack power and control in my life, so I can escape through my own characters in my works.

What Would I Enjoy About The Process: I would enjoy getting to flesh out this character’s journey, show their development from street urchin who is willing to kill for her morals into a woman of noble destiny who suddenly realizes the gravity of her actions over the years, something to shake her to her very core and threaten her own success.

What Obstacles Might I Encounter: I don’t want the story to end up too cliché or ‘samey’ to other stories in the same vein. It’s easy to write about lost princesses, magical duels, and chosen one destinies… it’s less so to write them in a way that stands out among the crowd. I will need something to make it different than the rest.


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