You (Forget to Remember)

Your best friend died in grade 9. They tucked her under crisp white sheets, clear tubes and wires protruding from her flesh, attaching her body to shining machine as doctors read the graphs and print-outs tracking the disease that riddled her fourteen-year-old body's network and bloodstreams. Nurses watched her solemnly as they attended her needs… Continue reading You (Forget to Remember)

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World Building Questions

Kingdom Basics POPULATION: MAGIC: IMPORT/EXPORT: CURRENCY: TECHNOLOGY: *Other:   Physical and Historical Features General MOST NOTABLE LOCATIONS: Location: Description MOST NOTABLE CREATURES: — Name: Description Natural Resources TYPE: Description (ex. Mining, Farming, Agriculture, etc.)   III. People and Customs Gestures GREETING: INSULT: DISTANCE: RESPECT: Language LANGUAGE: Ethics and Values WORDING: RELATIONSHIPS: DRUGS: DUELS: FOREIGNERS: TABOO:… Continue reading World Building Questions